Monday, August 22, 2016

Welcome Alexander and Quinyang!

Qinyang Lis profilfoto

            Alexander Hegg                                                     Quinyang Li

Posted by Erik Svensson

Although there is outflow from EXEB - recently as Katie Duryea left us - there is also inflow. The two latest newcomers are Alexander Hegg, who will soon start his official PhD-position in Tobias Ullers group, and Quinyang Li who has commenced a position as research technician in Jessica Abbott's group. Although both Alexander and Quinyang are known to the EXEB members since before, since they have worked with us in various projects, I still wanted to take this opportunity to "officially" welcome them to more "permanent" positions (well, "permanent" by university standards, that is!). We are looking forward to have you around for quite many years ahead and wish you good luck in your future work. 


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