Thursday, July 1, 2010

Party to celebrate the new Biology Department on September 16 2010

You might know that we have formed a new Biology Department in Lund from January 1 this year, as a merger of two former departments: Department of Ecology and Department of Cell- and Organismal Biology (COB). On September 16, there will be a party and some talks and ceremonies to celebrate this, and all employees (including faculty members, PhD-students, postdocs and visiting researchers) are welcome to attend this event. You can sign up here for the party.

The new Biology Department will be organized in six new "units", consisting of about 50 persons in each unit. One of these new units will be Evolutionary Ecology, and it will be a new unit that merges all former member of the Theoretical Ecology, parts of Animal Ecology and Plant Ecology & Systematics. In my opinion, this will be a boost to the evolutionary ecology research in Lund, as it will increase our international visibility and (hopefully) also help to attract new co-workers, postdocs and students from Sweden and abroad.

Clearly, this will have a positive impact also on our research laboratory, as we will have the opportunity to interact and collaborate more closely with our theoretical ecology colleagues and plant quantitative geneticist Stefan Andersson in the future.