Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Thankyou, goodbye and good luck Mireia, Skye, Tammy and Anna!


(Photos shamelessly stolen from Facebook)

Posted by Erik Svensson 

As some of you already know, we have had some amazing and hard-working undergraduate internship students working in our labs and helping our PhD-students and postdocs who have now left EXEB to continue their education and work elsewhere. You probably already know who I am talking about: Mireia Ballesta (from Spain), Skye Butterson (from South Africa), Tammy Ho (from Singapore, studying at Manchester University, UK) and Anna Kell (from Wales, studying at Manchester University, UK). 

Mireia, Skye, Tammy and Anna have all been extremely helpful in both the field and the laboratory, helping and assisting mainly Anna Nordén, John Waller and Beatriz Willink in their day-to-day research. As an advisor of John and Beatriz I am of course very happy to see them getting this  help, and also getting training in teaching and advising, and I think I speak also for Jessica Abbott, who is main advisor for Anna in that respect. 

We have valued your contributions a lot, as well as your enthusiasm, good working spirit and humour. We wish all four of you good luck in your future careers, and we hope you will keep your time in Lund as one of happy memories. Thankyou!!!!

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