Tuesday, August 23, 2016

EXEB seminar schedule autumn 2016!

Posted by Erik Svensson

The EXEB-schedule for autumn 2016 has now been finalized, based on the "Doodle"-poll. As usual, feel free to have a mix between journal club and articles to discuss, give a short research presentation or raise some topic for discussion or invite temporary visitors for short and informal seminars.

The person(-s) responsible for a Tuesday meeting should announce the topic on the blog, preferably in good time and ideally on Thursday or Friday the preceeding week so that people have time to read the article.

As usual,  meetings take place on Tuesdays at 10.00 and "fika" is compulsory :). If you have to change your date, you'll have to talk to some other on the list who can replace you.

Day                                           Person(-s)

Tuesday August 30                 Nathalie Feiner
Tuesday September 6             Jessica Abbott
Tuesday September 13           Reinder Radersma
Tuesday September 20           Weizhao Yang
Tuesday September 27           Tobias Uller
Tuesday October 4                 Antonio Cordero
Tuesday October 11                Seminar by Ayana Martins (visiting Erik's group)
Tuesday  October 18              Alexander Hegg & Qinyang Li
Tuesday  October 25               Beatriz Willink
Tuesday November 1              Anna Nordén
Tuesday November 8               John Waller
Tuesday November 15             Seminar by Stephen De Lisle (new postdoc in Erik's group)
Tuesday November 22             Nathalie Feiner
Tuesday November 29             Jessica Abbott
Tuesday December 6                Reinder Radersma
Tuesday December 13              Weizhao Yang


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