Monday, August 22, 2016

Thankyou Katie, goodbye and good luck!


Posted by Erik Svensson 

Some might already know and others have noticed that one of EXEB's members have left us after two years as a postdoc in my lab: Katie Duryea has now finished her two-year NSF-funded postdoc to take up a  position at Great Basin College in Nevada. We wish Katie good luck in her new job, although it is of course always a bit sad when a close co-worker leaves us. However, Katie has indicated that she might come back for field work and continue our past and ongoing collaborations around sexual conflict and mating polymorphism in the damselfly Ischnura elegans, and we are certainly looking forward to that, as well as the exciting research publications that will come out from her past two years in Lund.

During her time in Lund, Katie has also been an integral part of the intellectual and scientific research environment of both my group and EXEB. I therefore think I am speaking for several of us in EXEB when I say that we will miss you very much. Thanks for these wonderful two years Katie!

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