Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lab-meeting and some interesting evolutionary articles in Science

This week's lab-meeting will take place at an unusual time: Friday 9 December at 10.00 in "Argumentet". I hope you can make it, as Machteld and I will tell us a little bit about our impressions from the ASAB-meeting in London, where we recently participated. In addition, I would like to discuss two recent articles in Science which are of interest to evolutionary ecologists (and which are short reads). You will find more information about these papers below, including links and Abstracts.

First, there is this interesting study about negative frequency-dependent selection in voles: 

Negative Frequency-Dependent Selection of Sexually Antagonistic Alleles in Myodes glareolus


Second, there is this study on individual face recognition in paper wasps: 

Specialized Face Learning Is Associated with Individual Recognition in Paper Wasps


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