Sunday, October 3, 2010

Updated Wednesday-plans for lab-meeting on October 6

On Wednesday, our lab-meeting will start one hour later, at 11.15, as there is an interesting seminar that starts at 10.00 in the Limnology Section's seminar room "Tanken" (first floor). The talk will be given by Dr. Martin Lind, former PhD-student in Umeå in the laboratory of Frank Johansson, and currently a VR-postdoc at Sheffield University (UK). The title of Martins talk is:

"Local adaptation, gene flow, cost and benefits of phenotypic plasticity"

After the seminar, we walk back to the 2nd floor, and start  our regular lab-meeting at 11.15, i. e. one hour later than usual. This lab-meeting will take place in "Darwin", as has previously been announced. Hopefully, Martin will join us and provide some input on the papers. We will discuss one paper on niche conservatism in North American Jays, and one manuscript of ours that has already been sent out by Maren Wellenreuther. Send Maren an e-mail if you have not yet received this manuscript (

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