Monday, October 11, 2010

Island biology and morphological divergence of the Skyros wall lizard Podarcis gaigeae: a combined role for local selection and genetic drift on color morph frequency divergence?


We have recently published a paper on evolutionary processes in isolated islet populations of the Skyros wall lizard, Podarcis gaigeae in BMC Evolutionary Biology. The paper investigates the relationship between neutral genetic divergence and morphological divergence in islet- and mainland populations. The morphological trait we use in the comparisons is throat colour morph, and islet populations show pronounced frequency differences with different morphs being common on different islets. Our data suggests that stochastic forces such as genetic drift and/or founder effects can interact with selection and have an effect even at a morphological level in islet populations with low effective sample sizes. BMC Evolutionary Biology is an open access journal and a link to the paper is found here. The abstract is as follows:


  1. Way to go guys!!!!! AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to read it!

  2. Excellent post, and timely. I have made some small edits and added links, just to facilitate downloads of those who are interested.