Monday, October 11, 2010

Lab-meeting about intralocus sexual conflict and seminar by Jessica Abbott

This week's lab-meeting has been moved to Thursday morning (10.00-12.00) and to the seminar room "Fagus" (third floor above "Darwin"), due to the seminar by outside visitor and former lab-member Jessica Abbott in the same day, in the afternoon (14.00, "Blue Hall").

The theme of Jessica's talk will be intralocus sexual conflict and genetic constraints, and that will also be the theme of our lab-meeting. I was thinking that we should discuss a recent review by Jessica in Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B. about how one can study intralocus sexual conflict in hermaphroditic animals. Hopefully, Jessica will arrive in time to comment on this paper as well, her expected arrival time to the Department is about 11.00.

Before we discuss Jessica's interesting review-paper, we will discuss a manuscript that I and Fabrice Eroukhmanoff have written about population variation in intersexual genetic correlations and sexual dimorphism in aquatic isopods (Asellus aquaticus). We have worked on this manuscript for quite a while and we would be interested in getting some input. The results have clear links to the research topic and interests by Jessica. We will send you out this manuscript in a separate e-mail, hopefully today (Monday). Send me an e-mail if you do not get it (

After our lab-meeting in "Fagus", there will be opportunity to go for lunch with Jessica, and at 14.00 her seminar starts in the "Blue Hall" in the Ecology Building, entitled:

"Using sex-limited evolution to detect evolutionary constraints"

You can read more about Jessica's research here, and here you can find a list of past and more recent publications. 

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