Sunday, May 9, 2010

A new synthesis between community ecology and evolutionary biology?

On the lab-meeting this coming Wednesday (12 May, 2010), I would like to discuss a review article in TREE about the (possible) new and emerging synthesis between community ecology and evolutionary biology. You can download this article here. Hopefully, we can have a good and conceptually rich dicussion about the general message in this paper.

The lab-meeting the week after this one (i. e. May 17, 2010), I was planning to have a lab-meeting outdoors, meet the spring and (hopefully!) see the first emerged odonates of the year, followed by lunch at cosy outdooor museum and restaurant Kulturens Östarp. Stay tuned, more info soon.

Time and place for the coming lab-meeting the current week as usual:

Where: "Darwin"-room, 2nd floor, Ecology Building
When: May 10 2010, 10.15

Any fika-volunteer?

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