Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lab-meeting on individual quality and senescence

This coming Wednesday (June 2), we will have an optional lab-meeting, depending on the weather forecast. If weather is good, we might go to the field, if not, we will meet as usual (10.15 in "Darwin"). I have two articles in mind for this Wednesday, one longer and one very short (1 page). The longer one is a recently published review in Trends in Ecology & Evolution, entitled "What is individual quality? An evolutionary perspective". The authors critically dissect the popular concept of "individual quality and its usefulness in evolutionary ecology.

The other paper is entitled "Rapid and costly ageing in wild flies" and its author is Russel Bonduryansky, a wellknown evolutionary ecologist, who has done some interesting work on sexual dimorphism and sex-differences in mortality rates, mainly on insects. It is a short (brevia) in Nature, that should be a quick read. Hopefully, you will find both these papers interesting.

Any fika-volunteer?

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