Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lab-meeting on adaption, extinction and GIS and field excursion next week

This coming week, I was thinking that we should discuss two interesting and general papers. The first one is an essay entitled Adaptation, extinction and plasticity in a changing environment, and it is published in the journal PLoS Biology. One of the authors is Russel Lande, one of the pioneers in developing statistical methods to study natural and sexual selection in natural populations. The current paper outlines a new research programme in how to apply these methods to study ongoing adaptation and evolutionary change in response to rapid environmental change, e. g. due to anthroprogenic global warming.

The second paper is published in Trends in Ecology & Evolution and it is entitled Integrating GIS-based environmental data in to evolutionary biology. One of the authors is John Wiens, who has used GIS extensively in some recent impressive and interesting studies on niche conservatism in salamanders and amphibians, some of which we have discussed in previous lab-meetings. The choice of this latter paper is motivated by the fact that Maren Wellenreuther and Keith Larson have done some interesting new analyzes using GIS that we might take a look at, depending on time and if Maren kan make it to the lab-meeting.

For Thursday (May 20), I was thinking that some of us should make a field trip to Klingavälsåns Naturreservat and other damselfly sites. Although spring is late, we could at least go out in the field and look at the sites and do some planning. We can decide about time and practical details on Wednesday.

Time and place for our regular lab-meeting:

Where: "Darwin-room", 2nd floor, Ecology Building
When: Wednesday, May 19, 10.15.

Any fika-volunteer?

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