Sunday, October 25, 2009

No lab-meeting the coming weeks, but some exciting symposia

This week's Wednesday (28 October), we will not have our usual lab-meeting, and we will probably have a break for a couple of weeks for now, due to (among other things) teaching activities and CAnMove-PI meeting on my part. However, in case somebody wants to utilize "Darwin" on Wednesday, the room is booked between 10 and 12. Feel free to use it!

On Monday and Tuesday, Caroline Isaksson and Tobias Uller from EGI at Oxford University, will visit the department and give two talks (organized by Maria von Post and Andreas Nordén). I would strongly recommend you to go to these seminars, which will take place in the "Red Room" (adjacent to the "Blue Hall"). On Monday there will two regular research seminars on the afternoon, while on Tuesday there will be a "mini-symposium" about applied and societal aspects of ecological research, where I will also contribute with a talk. Here is the schedule for both days:

SEMINAR 26TH OF OCTOBER14.00-15.00 Causes and consequences of oxidative stress in wild animalsCaroline Isaksson

15-15.30 Coffee

15.30-16.30 Why is Sex Determination in Reptiles so Variable? Integrating Development, Ecology & EvolutionTobias Uller

Titles and presenters:

1. What can evolutionary ecologists contribute to medicine?
Insights and Inspiration from the World Health Summit
Dr. Tobias Uller, EGI, Oxford University

2. From selfish genes to group selection - implications for society
Prof. Erik Svensson, Lund University

3. Urban ecology
Dr. Caroline Isaksson, EGI, Oxford University

4. Attitudes and biodiversity
Dr. Johan Ahnström, Lund University

Coffee will be served during the afternoon.

Moreover, there will also be another exciting symposium next week, on Friday (30 October), namely a "Darwin-symposium" , organized by the Royal Academy of Sciences and the Royal Physiographic Society (main organizer: Professor Eric Warrant). The speakers include professors Dan-Eric Nilsson from Lund, Siv Andersson from Uppsala and legendary sociobiologist and evolutionary biologist Robert Trivers from the US. Do not miss this! The symposium is a full-day symposium, and you will find more information and directions here. All the talks will take place at "Palaestra" at the main university area (close to "AF-borgen").

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