Monday, October 19, 2009

Bayesian statistics for next Wednesday meeting

Last lab meeting Erik and Maja told us about a course on the program R and Bayesian statistics in Uppsala they have been attending. Inspired by this we decided to have a meeting where we discuss Bayesian statistics on Wednesday. First we will discuss a review by Beaumont and Rannala which I first read to prepare for a conservation genetic data analysis course last autumn and found really useful as an introduction to the topic. The paper is found here

After that Erik and Maja will give a short presentation on what they have learnt in Uppsala.


  1. Hi Anna! I'm jealous to miss this lab meeting!

    Can you post the title, etc. of the article? It may work on the Lund campus, but over here when I click on the link, well, let's just say all I learn is that Nature Genetics is not open source.


    PS: I'll be coming back to Lund to watch Fab become Dr. Fab, so see ya'll soon!

  2. What a wonderful example of how important it is with Open Access-publishing! Particularly for scientists in the Third World, who live at poor universities :). Well, perhaps not in Shawn's case, but I hope you see the point!!!

  3. Hi Shawn!

    Too bad you won't be able to attend this meeting, it would be great to discuss Bayesian statistics with you too. I'll save all the tricky questions and email them to you later :-)

    The article is called "The Bayesian revolution in Genetics" by Mark Beaumont and Bruce Rannala and it is published in Nature Reviews Genetics, volume 5 April 2004.

    Great to hear that you will be back for Fabrices dissertation, see you then!

    Saludos, Anna

  4. Hi Anna. Thanks!!!
    Feel free to send me questions. I am nearly guaranteed to not know the answer. Isn't Bayes a brand of ale? By the way, Ryan encourages beer drinking at his lab meetings (=the Dartmouth version of fika).