Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lab-meeting by Nathalie Feiner on "evo-devo" and HOX-genes in Anolis lizards: September 25 (10.00)


I have already been around since a few weeks now and it's time to introduce myself! I'm the latest (and last, for now) addition to the Uller group, namely a postdoc working on Anolis lizards.
My background is in comparative genomics, and I did a fair bit of developmental genetics in a variety of vertebrate animals. After my PhD, I turned my interest towards organismal biology, and I am now interested in understanding how evolution really works. I designed a project on the Anolis lizards, a famous example of an adaptive radiation, which aims to include ecological, developmental and phylogenetic aspects in order to fully comprehend their evolutionary history. In particular, I am interested in the relationship between developmental processes and the course of evolution – how can ontogenetic factors bias evolution and how strong is this influence? I would like to take the opportunity of next Tuesday's EXEB meeting and present my past work on Anolis lizards, Hox clusters and transposable elements (and what the hell they have to do with each other!).

Including Fika, of course!

Time: Tuesday, August 25, 10.00 (note changed time!) 
Place: "Argumentet", 2nd floor, Ecology Building

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