Sunday, August 16, 2015

First lab-meeting for autumn 2015: ESEB summary and group selection

Posted by Erik Svensson 

It is time to kick off the EXEB labmeetings for this coming semester, and what would be better than do it this coming Tuesday (August 18)? Especially when several of us have been to the ESEB Congress and we can have a nice brief discussion about our impressions of where the field of evolutionary biology might be going.

In the same general spirit, I suggest we discuss a paper in Nature from last year on the prospects for group selection in a socially polymorphic spider system. This work has been performed by Jonathan Pruitt and Charles Goodnight, the latter being a long-term champion of group selection. 

As group selection has historically been a very controversial topic in evolutionary biology, I hope we will have a stimulating discussion about this paper. See also the "News & Views"-article in the same issue of Nature, which can be found here. 

Note different meeting time!

When: Tuesday August 18 at 10.00
Where: "Argumentet", 2nd floor, Ecology Building 

Pruitt, JN (Pruitt, Jonathan N.)[ 1 ] ; Goodnight, CJ (Goodnight, Charles J.)[ 2 ]

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