Friday, August 21, 2015

An exciting semester with interesting lab-meetings with EXEB

 Posted by Erik Svensson

As you know, Tobias Uller's group is growing fast, as he has recruited several new postdocs through his grant from The Wallenberg Foundation. Apart from being good for Tobias research, it also benefits the rest of us, as we can now look forward to several interesting lab-meetings this fall, where the new EXEB members will give talks and present results from their previous research.

Apart from these talks by new members, we will of course also keep to our traditional format of discussing scientific articles or - when preferred - giving inputs on talks, grant applications and manuscripts. The content of each lab-meeting will as usual be decided by the person responsible that data, who usually also brings "fika", introduces the paper(-s) to be discussed and so on.

The person responsible each Tuesday is also expected to announce the lab-meeting the week before (ideally on Thursday or Friday) by a short blog post, with relevant links to paper(-s) if it will be discussion about a paper. Otherwise, just a few words about the content of the forthcoming talk/activitiy.

Below is the schedule for the autumn, with name indicated at each date. Note that we from now on aim to start on Tuesdays at 10.00 - rather than 10.30 - and rather finish a bit earlier. Note also that we have some vacant slots (mainly in November), in case somebody would like to take care of more than one lab-meeting or invite somebody from the outside.

I have also taken the liberty to indicate whether the person responsible is expected to give a research talk, and in other cases I have just left it open for decision. Note that the first meeting talk will be this Tuesday (August 25) by Nathalie Feiner (see her recent blog post).

Autumn schedule (Tuesdays at 10.00 in "Argumentet")  

Tuesday August 25: Nathalie Feiner (talk):  "Anolis lizards, Hox clusters and transposable elements"

Tuesday, September 1: John Waller

Tuesday, September 8: Jessica Abbott

Tuesday, September 15: Katie Duryea

Tuesday, September 22: Anna Nordén

Tuesday, September 29: Beatriz Willink

Tuesday, October 6: Hanna Laakkonen (talk)

Tuesday, October 13: Erik Svensson

Tuesday, October 20: Reinder Radersma

Tuesday, October 27: Antonio Cordero (talk)

Tuesday, November 3: Tobias Uller

Tuesday, November 10: Weizhao Yang (talk)

Tuesday, November 17: VACANT

Tuesday, November 24: VACANT

Tuesday December 1: VACANT

Tuesday, December 8: Adam Hasik (talk)

Tuesday, December 15: VACANT

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