Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sexual selection and sexual conflict in plants

Posted by Anna Nordén 

SEM image of pollen grains.
For the next lab meeting (Feb 24th) I thought we could focus on plants for a change. I suggest that we discuss a new review article by Åsa Lankinen and former lab member Kristina Karlsson Green, about sexual selection and sexual conflict in plants. Theories of sexual selection and sexual conflict have been extensively studied in animals (especially insects), and the authors wish to incorporate some of these theories to plant research. In the end, they also suggest three plant research fields where these theories could be helpful. I hope that we will all learn something new and broaden our perspectives a bit!

Time and place as usual (10:30 in Argumentet, ekologihuset 2nd floor). I will provide fika.

Authors: Åsa Lankinen and Kristina Karlsson Green

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