Friday, February 13, 2015

Lab-meeting about genomics and phenomics

Posted by Erik Svensson

This forthcoming Tuesday, we will discuss two papers, one chosen by Katie and one by me, which deal with genomics and phenomics, respectively. The latter term is still a bit unfamiliar to many, but "phenomics" is most likely a new word you would like to know, as it will hopefully become the new "buzzword" in the future and in the postgenomic era. Hopefully, we can have a general discussion of principal interest how to connect the more traditional field of genomics and the emerging field of phenomics.

You will find Abstracts and links to the two papers below. Time and place as usual:

When: Tuesday, February 18 2015

Where: "Argumentet", 2nd floor, Ecology Building

Sequencing pools of individuals - mining genome-wide polymorphism data without big funding

The analysis of polymorphism data is becoming increasingly important as a complementary tool to classical genetic analyses. Nevertheless, despite plunging sequencing costs, genomic sequencing of individuals at the population scale is still restricted to a few model species. Whole-genome sequencing of pools of individuals (Pool-seq) provides a cost-effective alternative to sequencing individuals separately. With the availability of custom-tailored software tools, Pool-seq is being increasingly used for population genomic research on both model and non-model organisms. In this Review, we not only demonstrate the breadth of questions that are being addressed by Pool-seq but also discuss its limitations and provide guidelines for users. 

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