Thursday, January 31, 2013

Does sexual and natural selection operate against each other or in the same direction?

Posted by Erik Svensson

During last week's lab-meeting we talked a little about the relationship between natural and sexual selection, and to what extent these processes are opposed to each other vs. operate in the same direction and favours the same phenotypic trait values. Next week we will continue discussing this theme based on a recent article about sexual and natural selection in fruitflies (Drosophila melanogaster) in Current Biology. This article by Long, Agrawal and Rowe does also have some important implications for what kind of inferences that can be made to natural populations based on studies in laboratory settings, with a cautionary tale.

Time and place as usual: "Argumentet "(2nd floor, Ecology Building) at 10.30, Tuesday, February 5.

Below, you will find Abstract and link to the article.

The Effect of Sexual Selection on Offspring Fitness Depends on the Nature of Genetic Variation

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