Friday, September 7, 2012

Talk on frequency-dependent selection by Yuma Takahashi

Posted by Erik Svensson

Next week's lab-meeting will take place in "Argumentet" (2nd floor, Ecology Building) on Tuesday September 11  at 10.30, i. e. usual time. This time, it will be our postdoc Yuma Takahashi from Japan who will give a short and informal talk about his past and ongoing research on colour polymorphisms and frequency-dependent selection in Ischnura-damselflies. As some of you already know, Yuma did his PhD-research on the damselfly species Ischnura senegalensis, a tropical counterpart to Ischnura elegans, who we have been working on in Sweden and Europe. You can read more about Yuma's research here, and find his publications here.

Do not miss this opportunity to listen to Yuma and his interesting research. I will bring some "fika".

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