Friday, September 3, 2010

Lab-meeting on female mating polymorphisms in diving beetles

This coming Wednesday (8 September), we will discuss a manuscript by Kristina Karlsson that is part of her PhD-thesis, which will be defended on November 26, later this autumn. Both Tina and I would like to receive feedback on this manuscript before it is included in the thesis. The paper is a study which combines the field of sexual conflict with experimental biomechanics, and it has been done in collaboration with morphologist and entomologist professor Stas Gorb at Kiel University in Germany. 

Tina has investigated male adhesion on the surface of two female morphs in diving beetles: either "smooth" or "rough" female types. This polymorphism in female morphology is thought to be an adaptation against male mating harassment, similar to the one we have previously studied in the damselfly Ischnura elegans, which also has multiple female morphs co-existing within local populations.

Tina will send out the manuscript on Monday so that you can read it well in advance and be prepared for the lab-meeting. In case you do not receive it, send an e-mail to Tina ( and ask for a copy.

Time and place as usual: "Darwin", Wednesday 8 September at 10.15. Any fika volunteer?

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