Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lab-meeting about selection, genetic drift and population divergence of a female mating polymorphism in diving beetles

This coming Wednesday (30 September 2010), we will discuss and give feedback on Tina Karlssons last manuscript: a study about population divergence of a female mating polymorphism in diving beetles and the relative role of genetic drift and selection. This paper is a study on three different species of diving beetles, all of which have the female mating polymorphism ("rough" and "smooth" females, respectively), but at various frequencies. Tina has studied population divergence in morph frequencies of these three species and compared with neutral molecular population divergence (AFLP-markers) to infer the relative roles of genetic drift, stabilizing selection and divergent selection in population divergence. This study is a follow-up study to the previous biomechanical study on male adhesion on these female morphs that we discussed at a  previous lab-meeting. 

Tina will send out this manuscript to interested participants on Monday. Please send her an e-mail ( if you have not received this manuscript by Monday and wish to participate in the discussion. Both positive and negative constructive feedback on this manuscript will be most welcome, as Tina will soon submit her thesis to the printer. The date of thesis defence will be Friday 26 November 2010, at 09.30, and the Faculty's opponent will be professor Nina Wedell from Exeter University (UK). 

Time and place for lab-meeting as usual: "Darwin" at 09.30, September 30 2010. Any fika-volunteer?

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