Monday, January 25, 2010

TREE-article about antagonistic coevolution, resistance and tolerance

Together with my colleague Lars Råberg, I have recently published an "Opinion"-article in Trends in Ecology & Evolution, that has just come out on "early view". This article deals with the different roles of resistance and tolerance in antagonistic coevolutionary interactions involving animals.

Basically, we argue that the evolution of victim tolerance, instead of resistance, might halt coevolutionary arms races and make them less probable, in contrast to if the victim evolves resistance instead. This idéa has been floating around for quite a while in the plant litterature, but we extend the idéa to animals and to other types of enemy-victim interactions. We illustrate this using a variety of empirical examples from several different types of antagonistic enemy-victim interactions involving animals. Here is the abstract and link if you are interested:

Erik I. Svensson and Lars Råberg


  1. Looks great Erik, congrats! Interesting piece, Look forward to see the response in Empirical work over the coming years.

  2. Way to go Erik!!! Great work!!