Monday, January 18, 2010

Interesting video about dragonfly migration over the oceans

Whatch this very interesting video by Charles Anderson, that is well worth watching. It deals with the newly discovered trans-continental dragonfly migration between India and Africa and describes how it was discovered. Enjoy!

This week there will not be a lab-meeting the coming Wednesday (20 January), since I will be in Germany, giving an invited lecture at Museum fur Naturkunde in Berlin, which is part of the famous Humboldt University. This university has had many famous students during its 200 year existence, among them Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx, Max Planck, Albert Einstein and Karl Liebknecht. The natural history part of the museum is well known for its paleontological collections, particularly one of the finest specimens of Archaeopteryx - the "missing link" between dinosaurs and birds. I will of course return with a detailed report when I get back.

For next week (25-29 January), the aim is to have a lab-meeting on Monday 25 January at 09.30 in "Argumentet" about insect flight and wing morphology. Sophia Engel will be responsible for announcing this seminar by putting up a bloggpost with a link to the paper(-s) that we will discuss. This will be a joint meeting with Anders Hedenströms group "Animal Flight Lab". Sophia should put up the post well ahead of Monday, preferably later this week, with some help of more experienced bloggers in the group, if necessary.

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