Friday, August 14, 2009

Calopterygid research from this summer covered by Swedish media

For those of you who have not followed Swedish TV- or radio the last days, I would like to point to a couple of programs where our research on Calopteryx splendens and Calopteryx virgo has been covered. First, the regional TV-news channel "Sydnytt" has a 2-minute interview with me at Klingavälsåns Naturreservat, where I am interviewed in the field, and where I discuss the potential consequences of future climate change. You can watch this programme here.

Second, the popular science radio programme "Vetandets Värld" has a 20-minute programme, where both I and Anna Runemark are interviewed, about our learning experiments on mate recognition. Also, our physics-colleagues are interviewed about the laser-studies that were performed at Klingavälsån och what they can inform us about the behaviour of damselflies. You can listen to this programme here.


  1. Good stuff, nice for the Svensson lab to get some media coverage. I loved the action shot at the beginning of the piece.

  2. Yeah, I lol'd when I saw Erik with the binoculars in the beginning! But a nice piece. Like the new glasses, by the way.

  3. Tom/Jessica:

    The opening scene actually caused a lot of laughs among Pia and My as well...I had hoped they would not show my whole body posture, but only zoom in on my face. It looks a bit nerdy, I have to admit :)


    Yeah, my new glasses are definitely more modern than my old ones. Shawn thinks they are more "euro". Is that right, or do you see these thick-framed models also in Canada and North America?