Friday, April 17, 2009

Lab meeting in Darwin on Wednesday 22nd of April at 10.15 am.

Hello everyone,

For next lab meeting I would be very happy to get some feed-back on a manuscript that I have been working on for a while. The manuscript is about animal personalities, and more specifically we have examined boldness and how this can be influenced by factors such as predation pressure, sex, population origin and body size.

The interest in animal personality and behavioural syndromes is rapidly growing and several very interesting papers have been published the last couple of years (e.g. Sih et al. 2004, Bell 2005 and Réale et al. 2007). Two behavioural ecologists that have contributed a lot to the field are Andy Sih and Alison Bell.

That´s why I am very excited that Andy Sih will be visiting us next week! Andy has been invited by the PdD-students at the Dep. of Ecology. On Thursday (23/4), Andy will present a talk about behavioural syndromes, that will take place in the “Blue Hall” (bottom floor in the Ecology Building) at 14.00. The title of his talk is:

“Behavioral syndromes: an evolutionary and ecological overview”

He will present an additional talk on Friday (24/4) 15.00 in the Darwin room at the section for Animal Ecology.

I think it will be two really exciting talks!

I’ll e-mail the manuscript to you during the weekend. If you haven’t got any e-mail by Monday please contact me ( and I will send it again.
Any fika volunteer for Wednesday?

See you!



  1. I am looking forward to read this manuscript, and to an interesting discussion on Wednesday!