Friday, March 27, 2009

Lab-meeting on Wednesday April 1: Flight of dragonflies!

In light of the recent and very succesful CAnMove meeting on the interface of physics and biology, it seems appropriate to have next lab meeting focus on the interface of physics and odonatology. In particular, flight.

We've chosen two chapters out of the book Dragonflies and Damselflies: Model Organisms for Ecological and Evolutionary Research (edited by Cordoba-Aguilar, 2008). Both chapters are at the end of the book, and are short:

Chapter 19: Dragonfly flight performance: a model system for biomechanics, physiological genetics, and animal competitive behavior (Marden)

Chapter 20: Evolution, diversification, and mechanics of dragonfly wings (Wooton and Newman).

If you do not own this book, both chapters can be found in Shawn Kuctha's mailbox (2nd floor, Ecology Building), where you can copy them. Alternatively, you could contact him directly (

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