Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year and new EXEB-schedule for 2017

Posted by Erik Svensson 
The year 2016 might have been a depressing year on the world political front, but at least it was very good when it comes to our very stimulating EXEB-meetings and other scientific activities in the Biology Department. Above, I have posted some pictures of EXEB-members from the Christmas Meeting of the Evolutionary Ecology Unit.
Below is the schedule for EXEB-meetings in spring 2017, based on input from those of you who responded to my Doodle-poll. For some of you, I have put two or three names at some dates, meaning that you can share the task in between you. As before, we should strive for a nice mixture between journal club, informal talks by ourselves or temporary visitors and general discussions about various topics. Also, as before, it is the person responsible for a Tuesday meeting that is responsible to finding a substitute, should (s)he not be able to make it. Also, as before, the blogpost announcing the meeting should be put up the week before, e. g. on Thursday or Friday,  so that the rest of the group has time to download and read the paper, if will be an article discussion.
As I will be travelling and doing field work with Beatriz Willink this winter (January 12 - February 24), I have made our two "brutal" and highly qualified postdocs Stephen De Lisle and Nathalie Feiner responsible for "policing" these meetings, and they will make sure to remind the persons responsible to do their work and put up the blog post in time. And of course remind them to bring fika!


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