Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Welcome Stephen De Lisle - new postdoc!

Posted by Erik Svensson 

I am pleased to introduce my new postdoc Stephen De Lisle, who recently defended his postdoc at University of Toronto, under the supervision of Prof. Locke Rowe. Stephen has a strong experimental evolutionary ecology background, complemented with skills in phylogenetic comparative methods and hence will fit well in to overall research profile of both my lab and the EXEB-environment in general. Stephen will stay in Lund for at least two years from now on, thanks to a large international collaborative grant that Tobias Uller obtained together with me, Charlie Cornwallis and Per Lundberg. Stephen will present some of his thesis research on next year's EXEB-meeting (Tuesday, November 22), which will follow in a separate blogpost. 

About Stephen's research, in his own words:

I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in understanding the adaptive origins of phenotypic diversity. Although my interests are broad, much of my research has focused on testing non-traditional models of sexual dimorphism and understanding how the evolution of such ‘ecological’ sexual dimorphisms may or may not influence the structure of ecological communities and the dynamics of evolutionary radiation.  I do this using a combination of experimental and comparative approached that bridge community ecology, microevolution, and macroevolution. 

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