Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Half-time seminar" by PhD-student Beatriz Willink on colour evolution in damselflies on November 29

Posted by Erik Svensson 

As a proud advisor, I am pleased to announce that EXEB-member and my PhD-student Beatriz Willink will have her "Half-time seminar" next week. The title of Beatriz's talk is

"Colour Evolution in Damselflies"

Beatriz will present data and results, containing a mixture of field data from both temperate areas and tropical rainforests (like Guyana, where the picture above was taken), observations, behavioural experiments and phylogenetic comparative analyses on the macroevolutionary dynamics of colour evolution and its developmental changes in damselflies. 

It will thus be an integrative talk about a study system that still has a lot to offer and where many fascinationg questions remain to be answered. Beatriz talk will start at 14.30 (following a short coffee break after Gabriel Norevik's halftime seminar, which starts at 13.15 and ends at 14.15). Both halftime seminars will take place in the "Blue Hall" in the Ecology Building, and fika will be served after Gabriels talk and before Beatriz.

Time: Tuesday, November 29 at 14.30
Place: "Blue Hall", Ecology Building

Opponent on Beatriz's thesis will be Professor Stefan Andersson (Biodiversity Unit).

 Everybody should be most welcome!

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