Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Congratulations to Adam Hasik for obtaining PhD-position in the US

Posted by Erik Svensson

We just heard that our Master's Student Adam Hasik, who has been with us since May 2015, working with damselfly larvae, has been awarded both a PhD-position and a scholarship to join the laboratory of Adam Siepielski at University of Arkansas. 

 This is great news for both Adam H and Adam S, and on behalf of myself and other EXEB members, we wish both Adams good luck in the future. 

Siepielski's lab is focussed on community ecology and local adaptation using Enallagma-damselfly larvae as one major study organism, although Adam S has also made other major contributions in metaanalyses of selection. In fact, Adam and I have been collaborating recently on such a large metaanalysis on environmental and demographic determinants of selection in a working group at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Centre (NESCent) in North Carolina. With the recruitment of Adam H, we can hopefully strengthen the connections between the Siepielski and Svensson labs in the future, in spite of being on two sides of the Atlantic.  

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