Monday, March 23, 2015

Seminar on population genomics of local adaptation by Chris Wheat on March 27


Posted by Erik Svensson

This week there will be another EXEB-organized event in the form of a seminar by my visiting colleague Chris Wheat from the Department of Zoology at Stockholm University. Chris research group is focussed on a number of central questions in ecology and evolution, including phenotypic plasticity and local adaptation, and he and his students and postdocs focus mainly on butterflies as their main study organisms. They use genomic and transcriptomic tools to answer questions in evolutionary biology, and the title of Chris talk will be:

"Local adaptation in animals: a population genomic perspective"

When: Friday March 27, at 10.30
Where: TBA, but hopefully "Argumentet" or "Darwin" on 2nd floor (Ecology Building)

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