Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Talk by Katie Duryea about sexual selection in Anolis-lizards

Posted by Erik Svensson

This Tuesday (October 7 2014, note changed time!) we will listen to our new postdoc Katie Duryea, who will give an informal 1-hour summary of her PhD-thesis research on Anolis-lizards, which was performed at Dartmouth College in the laboratory of Ryan Calsbeek. Feel free to also invite some other folks outside our core lab-group, as Jessica and Tobias are away this Tuesday. Also, note that we will start at 09.00, rather than at 10.30, as we use to.  Here is the title:

"Sexual selection and sexual conflict in Anolis lizards: from molecules to populations."

And here is a short description by Katie about the content of her talk:  
"I will cover the  effects of male mating order on sperm precedence, the transcriptomics and molecular evolution of genes expressed during mating in female anoles, and a population study of sexual antagonism on male and female body size in anoles."

When: Tuesday October 7 at 09.00!!!
Where: "Argumentet", 2nd floor, Ecology Building 


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