Monday, October 27, 2014

Lab meeting tomorrow about EES

Posted by Anna Nordén

Hey all,
First, I apologize for writing this blog post in the last minute! We decided on the last lab meeting that we will discuss the comment in Nature about evolutionary theory tomorrow. EXEB member Tobias Uller among others argues for the need of an extended evolutionary synthesis (ESS) which includes things like epigenetics and developmental plasticity. Other disagree, like Hopi Hoekstra and colleauges. What do you think?

Time (10:30) and place (Argumentet 2nd floor of the Ecology building) as usual.

See you there!

Illustration by R. Craig Albertson

Does evolutionary theory need a rethink?

Kevin Laland, Tobias Uller, Marc Feldman, Kim Sterelny, GerdB. Müller, Armin Moczek, Eva Jablonka, John Odling-Smee, Gregory A. Wray, HopiE. Hoekstra, Douglas J. Futuyma, Richard E. Lenski, Trudy F. C. Mackay, Dolph Schluter& Joan E. Strassmann

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