Friday, February 28, 2014

Lab-meeting: between-sex covariance for dummies explained by Tom Gosden

Posted by Erik Svensson

Next week, EXEB-member Tom Gosden will give a practice talk of his forthcoming Friday seminar about between-sex covariance and genetic constraints on the evolution of sexual dimorphism.

As many of you already know, Tom is a former PhD-student in our laboratory, and is currently visiting postdoc, until he will return to Brisbane in Australia where he will commence a Junior Research position.

Tom's informal talk will be about fruitflies (Drosophila) and how to understand, interpret and estimate between-sex genetic covariance, and Tom has promised to explain it also to non-experts. Note that the lab-meeting time has been changed to afternoon from morning and to another locality on 3rd floor. For those of you who want to get a deeper idéa what Tom's research is about, here is a link to a recent article he published in Evolution.

When: Tuesday March 4 2014, 14.00-15.30
Where: Seminar room "Communis", 3rd floor (Ecology Building)

 Everybody should be most welcome!

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