Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bowling competition between Animal Flight Lab and EXEB: "It's complicated, dude"

Posted by Erik Svensson

The bowling competition between our research colleagues at the Animal Flight Lab and EXEB that took place recently was a success, although I personally felt that Professor Anders Hedenström showed worrying signs of stereotypic behaviour (watch video above!). Perhaps he was to focussed on trying to win?

The outcome of the competition of the labs has not yet been analyzed - there are problems with the data which precludes the decision of the winner. Nevertheless, it was a very nice evening, and we all tried our best to achieve the skills of Jesus, Walter and "The Dude" - with varying success (see video below):

Afterwards, our two labs went to "Berliner Bar" for some well-deserved beers and classic German-style food. It was a great evening, and our labs have so much in common, and our scientific skills largely complement each other. EXEB:s focus on population biology, ecological and evolutionary genetics could certainly mix well with evolutionary biomechanics and flight morphology, given that both labs now are very focussed on insects. Hopefully we can repeat this succesful event, and perhaps go to some other nice place in the future? Time will tell.

Below are some more pictures from this nice event. Enjoy!

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