Monday, June 10, 2013

EXEB summer schedule

Posted by Jessica Abbott

Summer is finally here, which means that many of us are either doing field work or will soon be going on vacation.  Because of this, it seems like now is a good time to switch gears with our weekly meetings.  Since several EXEB members will be around at various times during the summer, it would be unfortunate to cancel all meetings until the fall.  However it's not so rewarding to keep trying to organize formal group discussions or presentations when so few of us are available.  I therefore suggest that we continue to have weekly meetings at 10.30 on Tuesdays, but that these meeting change over to informal catch-up sessions.  Those of us who are available can get together, discuss how things are going, keep each other informed of any news, and drink a cup of tea or coffee.  So basically the same as the first half an hour of our regular meetings!

Hope to see you tomorrow for an informal chat!

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