Thursday, December 6, 2012

Labmeeting on the genomics of species divergence

Posted by: Anna Runemark

For the upcoming labmeeting we will discuss the recent Nature-paper The genomic landscape of species divergence in Ficedula flycatchers (found here) where Ellegren et al. have studied the distribution of differentiated regions across the genome. I hope that the paper will stimulate discussions both on the genomics of speciation as well as on to which extent studying differences between diverged species is informative of speciation versus of differences that accumulate following speciation.

Since this paper is a quite short read I will also send out one of Lesley’s manuscripts which she is about to submit as voluntary extra reading. The paper is testing for assortative and disassortative mating preferences in the color polymorphic side blotched lizards (Uta stansburiana). This is interesting as conflicting sources of selection on polymorphic individuals are expected in this system: negative frequency dependent  selection (females should mate disassortatively with rare males to maximize fitness) and correlational selection (females should mate  assortatively to preserve co-adapted gene complexes).  I will send out the manuscript to the labmembers tonight.

I will bring fika!

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