Friday, December 14, 2012

Lab meeting 18 December: meet Per Peetz Nielsen

Posted for Anders

For the last lab meeting of 2012, we will meet Per Peetz Nielsen. Per is keen to meet people interested in animal behaviour in Lund and he will give a small presentation called “From working rats to swimming pigs and all the way to high tech dairy cows!” 

Anders will bring coffee and coffee bread.

There is currently a vivid debate in Swedish media about the welfare of our domesticated animals. Come and meet someone who tries to do something about this. Per Peetz Nielsen is an ethologist who graduated with a PhD at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science in 2008. He took his BSc in animal science from the Royal Danish University of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences and a MSc in Applied Animal Behavior and Animal Welfare from the University of Edinburgh. Per has worked with how different management routines and environmental designs affect dairy cows' behavior and production, especially how different management routines affect dairy calves feeding behaviour and welfare in intensive systems. Recently Per has started working with how automatically registered data can be used to detect problems with the cows’ health and welfare. This also includes developing new techniques for automatic registration of behaviour in the barn and on pasture. Per is currently supporting several networks and authorities with information on dairy cows' behaviour and welfare on a national and international level regarding animal welfare legislations.  

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