Thursday, May 31, 2012

A new doctor on May 25 2012: Anna Runemark

As expected, Anna Runemark succesfully defended her excellent PhD-thesis on May 25 2012, and lab members and department colleagues celebrated this with a great party on the evening the same day. Below are some pictures from the party in the Ecology Building (thankyou to the photographer My Gustafsson who also has her own photoblog which you can visit here). 

Anna was understandably very happy after getting her lizard present from her co-advisor Bengt Hansson. 

Erik with the Faculty Opponent Prof. Scott V. Edwards (Harvard University)

It was great to have four out of my five previous PhD-students with me this memorable evening. Here with Fabrice Eroukhmanoff (left, currently in Norway) and the new doctor Anna Runemark (right). 

Jessica Abbott also seemed to have a good time... had hopefully also the other Jessica (Dr. Ware, from Rutgers University), who was a member of the thesis committé and was sitting close to Scott Edwards during the dinner. 

New postdoc Lesley Lancaster was probably a bit overwhelmed and still jetlagged from her recent arrival from the US. 

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  1. sad that I could not make it over there. I would have loved to come and help celebrate!