Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lab-meeting on why and how to estimate components of reproductive isolation

This coming Wednesday (November 2, 2011, 13.00), our lab-meeting will be dedicated to the Why and How to estimate components of pre- and postmating isolation, starting with a key paper and method developed by Douglas Schemske's group, which you can download here. This paper was published in 2003 in Evolution, i. e. fairly recently, but the method has already become popular. Here is an empirical application to birds, a study on crossbills by Craig Benkman's group, which you can download here, and here is another empirical application to damselflies by Adolfo Cordero's group, which you can download here.

I suggest that we read the plant paper by Schemske's group in detail, as it is a key publication where the method was presented. This paper has been cited 166 times, quite a sign of it being an important paper.  Then we also read, although more extensively,  the two other papers to see how the method has been applied to other systems.

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