Sunday, September 18, 2011

Annual Systematics-meeting in Lund 21-22 November 2011

You might not yet be aware of this, but on November 21-22 2011, the Annual Systematics-meeting ("Systematikdagarna") will take place at Palaestra in Lund. You can find som useful information here, including some information about invited speakers. The final programme will be out later.

In spite of its name, this meeting has over the last years evolved to become more of an annual Swedish Evolution-meeting, and thus not only systematics sensu strictu. For instance, topics like speciation processes and genetic variation within and between populations are certainly also included under the umbrella "systematics" these days (as they have long been in many other countries than Sweden, where there is a less strict definition of the field). One sign of this broadening of the term systematics is the fact that I, who is primarily a population biologist and evolutionary ecologist, was invited as a plenary speaker in 2008, when the same meeting was held at the Agricultural University of Ultuna, close to Uppsala.

I would therefore encourage you all, especially Anna, Maren and Machteld, to send in an oral contribution or a poster. They seem to prefer spoken contributions in Swedish, but I do not think it is that strict. In any case, all of you have probably talks ready which you have given on other occasions that can readily be modified for the purpose of this meeting. You will also have the chance to reach out to a broad audience of systematists and evolutionary biologists in Sweden. Information about how to pay and sign up can be found here and here.

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