Monday, July 4, 2011

Our annual lab-barbecue in Dalby on July 2 2011

Our annual lab-barbecue took place at Lyftvägen in Dalby, as usual, and for the 12th season in a row (starting in the summer of 2000, in Lund). In spite of rain early on, it became very nice, and included good food, barbecue and "kubb"-spel. Thanks everyone for coming, and see some of you next year!


  1. Hey, I posted a comment yesterday and today it's gone! Weird. Anyway, what I said was: I miss the annual Dalby BBQ!!!!!!!!! You all look awesome! And, it is very fun to see John there!

  2. Yeah they are a lot of fun and it is good to see Erik's lab looking so healthy with lots of new faces. I do miss the lab, but certainly not the Swedish weather.

    Oh, and good to see you are still alive Shawn. I e-mailed you a month ago, but no reply! I guess you've reached that stage in your career where your time is so precious you are selective about who you chat with ;-)