Monday, June 27, 2011

New researchpositions to apply for at the Biology Department in Lund!

The Biology Department has recently announced two senior positions that should hopefully attract the interest from some good applicants. One of these positions is Professor in Systematic Biology (no specific taxonomic speciality, i. e. open for both animal and plant scientists) and a Senior Lectureship in Conservation Biology. The deadline to send in applications for both of these positions i 15 September 2011. More information about these positions can be found here, here, here and here.

Please spread the information about these two excellent job opportunities in  your social networks and to friends, colleagues and putative candidates. Recently, it was decided the the Junior Lectureship in Biology was given to ecophysiologist/ecologist Dr. Caroline Isaksson (Oxford University, UK), who did her PhD-thesis at University of Gothenburg under the supervision of Professor Staffan Andersson, and who is currently postdoc at Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology. Our warmest gratulations to Caroline, and we are of course looking forward to have her as our future colleage.

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