Monday, March 28, 2011

Visit by Anssi Laurila Wednesday March 30 2011 and seminar on amphibians

This coming Wednesday, Prof. Anssi Laurila from the Department of Population Biology and Conservation Biology at Uppsala University will visit Lund and the Aquatic Ecology Section. Anssi studies phenotypic plasticity, local adaptation and quantitative genetics in amphibians, and will give an invited seminar in "Tanken" on the first floor at 10.00 (March 30 2011), as part of the seminar series organized by Aquatic Ecology. Those of you who are interested should take the opportunity to listen and if you want to meet Anssi and discuss research with him, contact Christer Brönmark ( to make an appointment.

Our lab-meeting this Wednesday will take place in "Argumentet", rather than "Darwin" and it is scheduled another time: 12.30, due to another meeting in the lunch room at 14.00 of the Evolutionary Ecology Section. See previous blogposts for info about which papers to discuss.

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