Friday, March 25, 2011

Lab meeting on a published and an unpublished paper

Next lab meeting: please note that we will meet at 12:30 in argumentet, so that we can all make it to a meeting of our new 'unit' at 14.00, which will be in the coffee room.
As promised, this time we will discuss the paper by by Tanya Schwander and Olle Leimar, entitled "Genes as leaders and followers in evolution", follow the link to the paper in the earlier blog post about this.

Furthermore, I'd love you input on a paper that I am almost ready to submit, and I'd like you to be my first reviewers. I'll send it around monday morning, if you didn't get it by lunchtime monday, let me know, and I'll send it around again. It is about work that I did during my previous postdoc, on swordtail fish and learning of multimodal cues for species discrimination. Here a picture of the visual cues of the focal species:

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