Monday, November 2, 2009

New PhD-thesis in the lab: Fabrice Eroukhmanoff

I am pleased to announce that a new PhD-thesis will now be defended in our group: Fabrice Eroukhmanoff's Magnum Opus "The interplay Between Selection and Constraints on adaptive Divergence and Phenotypic Evolution".
This is the third Ph.D.-student that has finished his/her thesis in our lab, the previous two were Jessica Abbott (2006) and Tom Gosden (2008). You can find an abstract and more informaton about the thesis here. Well done Fabrice!
The thesis will be defended on Friday November 20 in the Blue Hall (Ecology Building). The external opponent will be Professor Andrew Hendry from McGill University Canada, and the thesis committé will consist of Professors Anna Qvarnström (Uppsala University), Karin Rengefors (Limnology, Lund University) and Janne S. Kotiaho (University of Jyväskylä, Finland). The thesis defence is open to everyone, and I encourage you to participate in this exciting event.


  1. YAHOO!!!!!! Rock on Fabrice!!!!!
    Sweet cover, too.
    Soon: Dr. Fab. Gawd that sounds cool.

  2. The cover is mint, and 9 papers that's just showing off....

    Look forward to my copy reaching the other side the world.

    Shawn: Heard you got a paper in the poor man's tabloid ;-), not that I'm jealous or nothing. Congrats on that.

  3. Hi Tom - Thanks! It isn't a done deal though. We have to make edits that make M J West-Eberhard happy. We've done our best, and will resubmit soon. I think it'll fly, but I'm also not quite full-on celebrating yet. Ryan has a great story about W-E accepted a PNAS paper from him, and then the next day changing her mind and rejecting it. He ultimately got it in, but it was traumatic.

  4. Many institutions limit access to their online information. Making this information available will be an asset to all.

  5. Good stuff, very useful for PhD students who are engaged in thesis writing in university.

  6. It certainly looks amazing having to defend a PhD thesis in front of the department. I wish you posted thesis abstracts of the work of Fabrice Eroukhmanoff for us to read it. That way, it would be a source of information and data for people who are on the same field.