Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dragonfly season has started!

This weekend I spent a few hours in the field and the first odonates have already emerged! It appears as it will be an as early season this year as last year, and we probably need to start to catch Ischnura elegans soon. Hopefully, the Calopteryx-season will still not start until early June. This means that lab-meeting on Wednesday will be at the Ecology Building (as planned), when we will see the second part of "Life in Cold Blood", although the week after is an open issue (at least to me). Depending on weather, we might do a joint field trip, although I want to keep this day open for other possibilities, depending on weather.

For this week, I suggest that we skip the TREE-article I suggested last week, as I feel it will be a bit too much with both that article (a rather heavy one!) and the movie. I hope nobody objects to this. Time and place as usual: "Darwin" at 10.15 (Wednesday 6 May). Could Shawn bring popcorn or somebody else this week?

Quizz: Which species of dragonfly is depicted above? It is a very common species that is one of the earliest fliers in the season.


  1. My guess at the homework question:

    Cordulia aenia
    The Downy Emerald

  2. Shawn:

    Correct answer!!! Well done!