Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tipping points in the dynamics of speciation

Hej everyone,

sorry for the late announcement, but here it comes. Let's discuss the perspective
'Tipping points in the dynamics of speciation'
in our next EXEB meeting!

As usually, Tuesday 10 am in Darwin, fika included.

Figure 1 from the paper
Patrik Nosil, Jeffrey L. Feder, Samuel M. Flaxman & Zachariah Gompert
Nature Ecology & Evolution

Speciation can be gradual or sudden and involve few or many genetic changes. Inferring the processes generating such patternsis difficult, and may require consideration of emergent and non-linear properties of speciation, such as when small changes at tipping points have large effects on differentiation. Tipping points involve positive feedback and indirect selection stemming from
associations between genomic regions, bi-stability due to effects of initial conditions and evolutionary history, and dependence on modularity of system components. These features are associated with sudden ‘regime shifts’ in other cellular, ecological, and societal systems. Thus, tools used to understand other complex systems could be fruitfully applied in speciation research.

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